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The sun shines out of our solar panels.


Creo Vis: Create Energy

After serving time in the financial services sector, founder Pete Frölich decided to break free of the corporate shackles and pursue his passion for electrical engineering and renewable energy. Mike Bleyenheuft was also chomping at the bit to join the green energy sector and, after sharing a beer on a sunny Saturday afternoon, the two decided to throw in the corporate towel and join forces.

CreoVision, born in August 2015, was originally called CreoVis – derived from Latin words meaning ‘create energy’. But, being a South Africa company, we didn’t think many of our clientele would quite understand why we wanted to ‘create fish’. Hence, CreoVision.

Humble beginnings with “The Beast”

Together with our trusty ‘Beast’, our first mode of transport, we set about trying to cover roofs in clean, green energy.

We’re proud to say that we have built this business with our bare hands, and learnt invaluable lessons along the way.

As such, we have a ‘can-do’ culture where no-one in our company is too precious that they can’t bust a sweat doing some manual labour. Our team is awesome and always determined to deliver a great product.
Today, we are a force to be reckoned with in the commercial and industrial solar sector.

We tell it how it is and pride ourselves on being frank with our clients about the benefits and pitfalls of going solar; sometimes solar just isn’t the right solution.

With the cost and reliability of energy becoming a major thorn in the sides of many businesses, we are committed to helping our clients complete their journey to grid independence and sustainable use of energy, in a financially responsible manner.

Let us help you find the right solar solution for your business.

What we value most


Client and staff safety is our top priority in everything we do.


Earning our clients’ trust is critical. Without it, we have nothing.


Performance always trumps price. We strive to deliver unique solutions.

pv green card

This means we install high-quality Solar PV systems.


As a member, we are devoted to promoting the growth of the country’s solar PV market.


As a member, we are invested in creating a more resilient energy system in Africa, using storage technology.


As a member, we stay informed on renewable energy market trends, latest technologies and standards.

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