It’s been a tumultuous few months for South Africans. One minute we’re getting drunk on Ramaphoria, the next we’re licking our wounds from a devastating drought, VAT increase, GDP retraction shock and now the inevitable news of NERSA granting Eskom the right to clawback nearly R33billion from their RCA (Regulatory Clearing Account) through electricity tariff hikes, just as they officially announce load-shedding after assuring us that ‘everything will be ok’ this Winter.

And there’s potentially more to come with Eskom taking NERSA to court to challenge the ‘paltry’ 5.23% increase they got this year, arguing it is not enough. Most of us are rightly asking, “Where do they think we’re going to find the money?” It doesn’t make for pretty reading. But, perhaps this is the rude awakening that South Africans need. We’re a resilient bunch and we’ve been through a lot worse. But, it’s time to realise that we cannot rest assured that national government alone will provide everything we need to get this economic engine pumping again.

Taking control of your power is one of the ways to push back.

Rooftop solar as an alternative

With the inevitable trends in energy prices moving up, solar continues to make sense as a stable, long-term investment. And with the innovative financing structures that are entering the market, it is becoming far easier for businesses to put systems in their roofs. The rooftop solar energy market in South Africa is estimated to grow to R75bill per year by 2035. If Eskom continue in this vein, expect that number to be reached a lot sooner.

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