Project Success Story

Bellvista School

Bellavista School in Johannesburg

Bellavista School in Johannesburg recently entered into an agreement to rent a rooftop solar system that is saving them money and reducing their carbon footprint.

CreoVision Solar conducted a thorough analysis of the school’s energy profile and discovered that the council was billing them on the wrong electricity tariff. We applied to the council to correct the tariff and then installed a solar system on the school’s roof.

The solar system was financed through Nesa Investment Holdings (NIH), a fund focused on investing in commercial-scale renewable energy systems.

Bellavista pays NIH a monthly rental for the solar system and enjoys all the savings from it. All maintenance and insurance are included in the rental.

SolarEdge inverters were used due to the multiple roof orientations and partial shading late in the afternoons.

For the first 7 years, the school will save approximately R35 000 per year.

After 7 years the school will own the system and enjoy annual savings of around R200 000.

These savings will increase in line with Eskom’s tariff hikes.

Furthermore, the system offsets the 39 000kg of carbon emissions every year.

Rent to Own

Agreement type

7 Years

Agreement term

R35 000

Annual savings 1-7 years

R200 000

Annual savings 8+ years

39 000 kg/annum

Carbon emissions avoided

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